One Year Limited Warranty

Applicable in USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, UAE, India, Mexico

The terms of our warranty are outlined in detail below. We've included a simplified summary of each section for your reference. Please note that the summary does not replace the terms below. It's simply an attempt to make sure the terms are understood clearly.

We certify that our products are in working condition and should last without defects for ONE YEAR AFTER ORIGINAL PURCHASE. (If you receive a warranty replacement, the warranty period does not start over. The replacement will be under warranty until one year after your initial purchase.) The warranty only applies if you purchased from us directly, or from someone else who has our permission to sell our products. If you purchased through an unauthorized seller, we are not able to cover the product under warranty. We also do not provide warranty coverage if you are reselling the lights without permission.

You can't transfer the warranty from one item to another. If you purchase from an unauthorized seller, it's on an as-is basis with no warranty. You get what you get. Don't know if you're buying from an authorized seller or not? Ask us before you buy.

Our warranty doesn't apply if you lose the product, modify it, break it, or use it incorrectly. We are also not responsible if it is damaged in transit.

If you experience a problem with your light, send an email within 30 days to with proof of purchase and a description of the problem. We will help you troubleshoot and determine if your item is defective. If we determine that your product is defective, we will send you an RMA form so the defective item can be returned to our warehouse and either replaced with a new item or refunded. If the item turns out to tampered with or otherwise non-compliant to our warranty terms, your coverage will be voided and we will charge you the shipping and handling costs related to your item.

This is the only warranty we will honor for our products. We do not honor the warranty erms of any other seller (unless your country has laws stating otherwise). If you buy rom another seller, you are purchasing the item on an as-is basis. We only offer repair, replacement, or refunds as part of this warranty. The maximum extent of our liability is the price of the product.

This warranty applies to all products purchased on or after June 30, 2018. Sometimes we update the terms of the warranty. Those changes go into effect the day they are published.