12 Baby Gender Reveal Ideas To Get Excited About

Article by BlissLights LLCMon, Jul 18, 22
12 Baby Gender Reveal Ideas To Get Excited About

Social media is overflowing with baby gender reveal pictures of happy parents celebrating with pink and blue smoke bombs and confetti showers. But smoke cannons and powder aren’t good for the environment, and confetti is wasteful. There are so many other unique gender reveal ideas for sharing the big news.

More than that, pink and blue aren’t the only color options for baby gender reveal ideas. You can go bold with lime green for a girl and bright orange for a boy. Or you can go with any color at all – you don’t have to limit gender to two ideas or colors. You can set your own rules and interpret things your own way to create your own unforgettable experience.

No matter how you go about it, the overall goal is to make the occasion meaningful for you, your friends, and your family. In this piece, you’ll find respectful, sustainable, fun baby gender reveal ideas that transcend any one party.

How do you throw a baby gender reveal party?

A gender reveal party can take place in your home or backyard, at a restaurant, or at a friend’s house. It’s best to do what works best for your family, and it’s important to be respectful of the great outdoors and indoors. If you go for a messier picnic-in-the-park reveal, complete with paper plates piled high with colorful frosting, then clean up after yourself.

A common misconception is that a baby shower is the same as a gender reveal party. While it’s true that someone can reveal the gender as part of the baby shower, these events are often separate. The expecting parents usually host the event, though friends and family are certainly welcome to entertain that day instead.

Typically, you can find out the baby’s sex around 18 to 21 weeks, but it could be as early as 14 weeks. That means you can throw a baby gender reveal party during the 19th or 20th week of pregnancy (during the second trimester). As for who should be invited to a gender reveal party, that’s commonly close friends and family, but again, it’s your day. So if you want a bigger reveal, invite whoever you want to invite.

12 adorable baby gender reveal ideas

To announce the gender with a big reveal, here are 12 creative gender reveal ideas for any expecting parents. If you go for different colors beyond the traditional pink and blue, let attendees know what each color represents.

1. Unbox your gender reveal

It’s always exciting opening up a big box, so try filling a large box with items in the color you choose for your gender reveal. You can stuff the box with toys, outfits, and shoes for the baby – and avoid filling it with balloons or confetti. This is a great way to reduce waste and make use of what’s in the box. It really is like opening a big present that brings your friends and family into the baby’s world.

pink baby clothes

2. Make it a game

Get the whole gang involved with a scavenger hunt that ultimately reveals the gender. You can have a family member set the clues and keep the baby’s gender to themselves so you can play along with everyone else. The scavenger hunt can focus on the origin story of the parents with clues about how you met. These little personal details can elevate your party above and beyond a one-time explosion of color.

3. Say it with cake

A gender reveal cake is becoming a classic among gender reveal party hosts. That makes sense – it’s simple and sweet. It’s an easy option because you can give the baker a sealed envelope from your doctor so that everyone is surprised.

Plus, there are so many different options for the cake filling. You can cut into it, and colored candy pieces representing the baby’s gender can spill out onto the cake tray. It’s an awe-inspiring celebration that adds a touch of whimsy and magic to a treasured day.

4. Give cute lighting a go

Lighting is perfect for when you want to hold onto your gender reveal props long after the celebration is over. If you’re keeping it to your immediate family for the reveal, then the BlissRadia makes for subtle yet breathtaking ambient mood lighting. Have your partner set the orb to the gender color you’ve agreed to for the big reveal.

The BlissRadia’s smart features allow you to control the light’s intensity and color through the BlissHome mobile app. You can also link your BlissRadia to Google Home or Amazon Alexa for voice control. This way, the color representing the newest addition to the family can glow bright and beautiful all night long.

blissradia smart ambient mood light in hot pink
blissradia is an led ambient light with app control that shines in multiple colors

BlissRadia Smart LED Mood Light


From desktop to bedside, light the way to concentration, stimulation, or relaxation.

5. Style your outfits for the reveal

Make a grand entrance into the party with a colorful outfit that matches your partner’s outfit colors. If you already have another little one, they can also make their debut in the same hue. This fun surprise is a great way to get everyone eagerly clamoring by the door to find out what color to expect. You’ll fill the room with joy and build memories you can eventually share with the bundle of joy that inspired it all.

6. Show off your nursery and make a statement

Preparing the nursery is one of the first steps an expecting parent embarks on as they anticipate the arrival of their newborn. It’s common for parents to put a lot of time and thought into the nursery’s design. That makes your party the perfect opportunity to show off the finished room and reveal the gender at the same time.

You can opt for more neutral colors that work for all genders, with some subtle touches to let friends and family know the baby’s gender. Inviting them into the baby’s soon-to-be world can offer a meaningful connection that transcends the usual gender reveal.

crib with blue accents

7. Try dart art

For an unconventional explosive finish, reveal your baby’s gender with dart art. You can fill one balloon or ask a trusted friend to do so, and then pin the end of the balloon to a canvas. When it’s time for the reveal, pop the balloon with a pin or a dart, and colorful paint should splatter across the canvas.

To add more anticipation, you can paint words above the canvas in colors that represent each option. Then, you can hang the captivating piece in your baby’s nursery. You’ll transform the room into an exciting space bursting with signs of new life.

8. Use a candle to light the way to a reveal

A candle gender reveal is ideal if you want to keep it intimate or if you can’t gather everyone you love in one place. You can ship these candles to loved ones to let them experience the magic from far away. In person, simply burn the candle, and then, as the wax melts, it will show a secret message revealing the gender. This unites loved ones all over the world as they excitedly wait for the wax to melt, taking the experience to the next level.

9. Go with a handprint heart reveal

If you already have a little one, you can dip their hands in the paint to represent the baby’s gender. Then, have them reach their hands around the baby bump, placing them on the belly to make a heart. You can have your partner do this instead if this is your first child. You should wear a white T-shirt to make the paint color pop. It makes for an adorable piece to hang onto, and you can make memories that last a lifetime.

10. Keep it simple with an intimate photoshoot

For a special moment between you and your partner, hire a photographer to capture your baby’s gender reveal. You can keep the gender between you and the cameraperson, and you and your partner can surprise each other with baby-themed gifts. It’s a sweet moment you can later share with friends and family, capturing the occasion forever.

11. Bite into a croquembouche tower

If you love the idea of a delicious reveal and you want something unexpected, then try a croquembouche reveal. A croquembouche is a tower of cream puffs in a cone shape, usually with caramel or toffee holding it together. Since cream puffs have decadent cream in the middle, you can add natural food coloring to dye the cream your gender reveal color. Then, when it’s time for the big reveal, have everyone grab a cream puff and take a bite. The delectable treat can heighten the occasion and make it an experience to remember.

12. Light up the ceiling with an indoor galaxy

If you’re going for an out-of-this-world reveal, light up your ceiling and walls with intergalactic nebulas. The Sky Lite Evolve is a galaxy projector that rotates 360 degrees so you can fully immerse yourself in the cosmos. For the big reveal, you can choose from inspiring color options such as red, orange, blue, purple, pink, teal, and white. Plus, the Evolve will work wonders in your new little one’s room as a colorful night light to cradle them to sleep.

For an unforgettable surprise at your event, you can have your partner or a friend set up the Evolve to reveal the big news. You’ll walk into a room bursting with color and full of life. It’ll be as bright and heartwarming as the future you’ll soon have with your newborn.

bedroom with sky lite evolve smart galaxy projector in pink

sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

Light the way for your little one

A baby gender reveal celebration should be unique to your and your family. It’s a time to honor your newest addition to the family in a fun and spirited way. And you don’t have to limit yourself to pink and blue when BlissLights brings an entire universe of color right to your fingertips. Browse the BlissLights collection now to discover a world of magic and find sensational lighting to commemorate the big news.

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