10 Cozy Living Room Christmas Decor Ideas

Article by BlissLights LLCMon, Nov 28, 22
10 Cozy Living Room Christmas Decor Ideas

Christmas can be a wonderful holiday for gathering with family and friends, eating delicious food, and watching your favorite holiday classics. That’s why anyone who visits you to celebrate Christmas should walk into your home and immediately sense your Christmas spirit. You can design a festive space overflowing with cheer this holiday season through these nine living room Christmas decor ideas.

How can I make my living room look more “Christmas-y”?

Making your living room look just like a Hallmark Christmas movie can be as easy as 1, 2, 3. All you need is the right lighting, unique decorations, and a fun theme to transform your living space into a glistening holiday experience.

Christmas living room theme ideas

Christmas decorating ideas can elevate your everyday space to a room that’s merry and bright for the holidays. From festive living rooms to neutral living rooms, the below themes can help you build the ultimate show-stopping holiday space.

Traditional red and green

Some holiday decorators might love a modern twist full of bright colors and bold textures, but if that’s not you, classic Christmas colors still work. For this look, stick to the traditional red, green, white, and gold colors for your tree and the rest of your living room. Layer your space with white lights, fresh foliage, red berries, and white snowflakes. Then, place a fuzzy red tree skirt and a gold star on top of your tree to truly bring Christmas home.

Red and white

For a glamorous, modern holiday look, ditch the green lights this year and opt for red and white Christmas home decor. Design your space with white fur blankets, stockings, and candles. Then, build on your color palette with red ribbons, ornaments, and decorative pillows.

To go above and beyond with this theme, shine both red and white Christmas lights at once from a Sky Lite Evolve. This realistic, rotating galaxy projector sets the perfect backdrop for your Christmas movie nights and holiday parties. Use the BlissHome app to create and save custom nebula cloud colors and see your living room in a whole new light.

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Modern farmhouse

A modern farmhouse theme is clean and sleek, with a burst of color mixed into this popular interior design style. For this Christmas theme, stock up on your red and white blankets, plaid pillows, and candy cane striped stockings. It’s a minimal and modern living room Christmas decor idea, yet it remakes your space from top to bottom.

A natural Christmas

Use silver, gold, and white decorations to conjure your own natural Christmas theme right at home. Start with a white, frosted Christmas tree, then toss in a mixture of shiny silver, matte white, and glittery gold ornaments. Go the extra mile and place some plain garland atop your mantel and coffee table to take your rustic, natural atmosphere to the next level.

White as snow

For the ultimate modern, clean theme, decorate your space with different kinds of white textures and patterns. To start, use a combination of knit, fur, and linen materials around your living room. For the tree, keep your theme to a minimum with classic white string lights and shimmery transparent ornaments. You’ll set a peaceful, angelic ambiance for all your guests.

Relaxed farmhouse

A relaxed farmhouse theme combines soft colors with rustic elements to build a warm and cozy space. For this theme, think neutrals with pops of greenery. To get started with this theme, decorate your Christmas tree with white matte and glitter ornaments. After that, lay a thick knit blanket underneath as a tree skirt. Bring home a few patterned pillows and subtle holiday wall decorations to fully transport yourself to a farmhouse without moving an inch.

10 living room Christmas decor ideas

Although the Christmas tree is your holiday decor’s main event, it shouldn’t be the only thing you decorate for the holidays. The below living room decor ideas extend far beyond the tree. With all this holiday cheer, you’ll feel as if you’re among friendly elves at the North Pole.

1. Get creative with your Christmas tree

Instead of opting for a standard Christmas tree with white lights and red and green ornaments, go for unusual textures and colors. From astonishing lighting colors like pink and blue to fluffy feathers and prickly pine cones, you can elevate your tree beyond the basics.

2. Frame your window with lights

Your Christmas tree is only the very first thing you should light up for the holidays. To add some decorative layers to your living room, wrap lights around your window frame. Choose white light strips for a soft glow, or opt for classic red and green lights to ring in the holiday festivities.

3. Play around with rustic textures

If soft pastels and modern white Christmas decor aren’t quite for you, try decorating your living room with mismatched rustic textures. When mixing textures and patterns, you should start on the floor and work your way up. Lay a patterned rug over your hardwood floor, then toss a thick knitted blanket and plaid pillows onto your furniture. Include some vintage wall art and a wooden Christmas tree garland to bring your rustic scheme to life.

4. Include a statement wreath

Although wreaths traditionally go on your front door, you can switch things up a bit and use one as a living room statement piece. Hang your wreath on the wall, then add string lights around it to give it a subtle glow. After that, tack on some berries, twigs, and feathers to add new dimensions to this living room Christmas decor idea.

5. Make a show-stopping mantel

A simple way to infuse a bit of holiday pizazz into your living room is to decorate your mantel. For larger mantels, go full-out on the Christmas vibes with twinkling lights and a moving Christmas village. For a more natural look, you can place a garland on your mantel for some greenery. You can also put up miniature Christmas trees decorated with soft white lights and mini ornaments. You’ll elevate the cozy holiday spirit far beyond the flames in your fireplace.

6. Experiment with non-traditional Christmas colors

Although every Christmas movie showcases living rooms overflowing with shiny red, white, and green lights and decorations, you can expand beyond that. Instead, go bold this year with non-traditional colors such as wintery blue and silver or gold and white. These color combinations bring a unique touch to your space – you’ll see the holidays in a whole new light.

7. Make it cohesive

For a truly stunning Christmas display, you should maintain your theme throughout your living room and your whole home. For example, if you choose a modern farmhouse theme, it wouldn’t make sense to throw in pops of blue or rainbow polka dots. Instead, you want to prioritize cohesive design to keep your space organized. This way, you’ll instantly feel the day’s weight lift off every time you step into your home.

8. Use metallics to hold a Christmas disco party

If you’re someone who likes to host parties around the holidays, you can establish the ultimate holiday party space with disco-themed decorations. Start with layers of silver, metallic, and glitter balls on your tree and garlands. Then, add a unique disco light that’ll transform your living room into a serene, entrancing holiday sight.

9. Create a festive feature wall

Whether you’re hosting 50 guests or just your immediate family, it’s always fun to set up a feature wall for all your Christmas party selfies. You can transform one of your blank living room walls into a festive corner with Christmas-inspired stick-on wallpaper, cozy furniture, and greenery. With this combination, you’ll have an Insta-worthy selfie wall that adds whole new dimensions to your living room.

10. Add neon or colored lighting

To step outside traditional living room Christmas decor ideas, try switching up your classic white lights for a neon or more colorful option. The BlissRadia, for example, is a small fixture that diffuses gentle lighting in every color of the rainbow. Start with a soft blue while you cozy up to a Hallmark movie, then switch to rainbow colors to set the holiday party mood. You can do this all from your phone or via voice control to instantly bring your Christmas dreams into reality.

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Decorate your living room for Christmas with BlissLights

With the right lighting, you can transform your living room into a festive space filled with holiday cheer. BlissLights’ ambient lights and LED strips offer colorful lighting and ambient effects to match – and elevate – every Christmas decor theme. Browse the BlissLights collection now to create your ideal winter wonderland with just the push of a button.

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