8 Cube Shelf Decor Ideas + 4 Cube Shelf Styling Tips

Article by BlissLights LLCFri, Oct 21, 22
8 Cube Shelf Decor Ideas + 4 Cube Shelf Styling Tips

When decorating storage cube shelves, you can have fun with the size, shape, and colors of the items you display. There’s an art to it but not quite a science – you can truly adjust everything to your liking. Below, you’ll find cube shelf decor ideas to maximize your shelving storage and take your home furnishing to the next level.

How do you decorate a shelf without cluttering it?

To decorate a shelf without cluttering it, you should strike a balance among the sizes of your objects. For example, you can frame the ends with larger pieces like a vase or a plant and then fill the middle with more compact knickknacks. You can also alternate between large and small objects, spacing them throughout the depth of the shelf. Experiment with how you arrange your pieces to find what works for you.

8 cube shelf decor ideas

Below are eight cube shelf design ideas you can play around with in your home decor.

1. Plants

Plants are a wonderful design element in any space. They can breathe new life into any area of your home with a pop of color. They can also evoke a sense of tranquility and a connection to nature without you leaving the great indoors.

You can decorate a section of your cube shelf with a plant that spills over the edges of the shelf walls. Imagine a string-of-pearls plant cascading languidly down to the storage area below, creating a curtain of foliage. It could be a new window into your very favorite knickknacks.

2. LED strip lights

You can use LED strip lights to outline your cube shelf and see your decorations in a whole new light. Many LED strips can shine colors simultaneously and shift among them seamlessly, matching your mood to your setup. When every design element comes together this beautifully, you’ll create a symphony of delights.

3. Textured baskets

Different design textures can be a great way to capture the eye. Textured baskets also double as storage solutions for your cube organizers.

To offset the square shape of your cube shelves, find wicker baskets with rounded edges, then strategically place them throughout your cube unit. Try filling the baskets with miscellaneous items to maximize their function and elevate their appearance. Working with different textures that are rough, smooth, or feathery can pull the most dynamic parts out of your home decor.

4. Candle holders

Since candle holders come in various shapes and sizes, they can be a limitless addition to your cube shelf design solutions. You can use tiny, ornate candle holders and fill them with tea lights or large, rustic candle holders to store fragrant autumnal-scented candles. Either way, you should mix and match your candle holders. Spread them throughout the shelves, and you’ll elevate your aesthetic in every sense.

5. Books

They say not to judge a book by its cover, but some book covers make for beautiful accent pieces in home decor. If you have unique books with delicate spines and vibrant colors, you can adorn your shelves with them. When you strategically place a few books along your cube shelves, you’ll convey a subtle air of sophistication and timeless grace.

6. Vases

Since vases come in a host of heights, they make for great cube shelf decor ideas. You can line the ends of one cube unit with tall, voluminous vases filled with dried flowers. You can then place books between the vases to create an intriguing arrangement. With decor ideas that range wildly in style, you open your cube shelf – and your entire surroundings – to endless possibilities.

7. Framed photos

To add a personal touch to your cube shelf decor, try incorporating framed photographs. You can try different frame styles to match the overall look and feel you’re going for as you decorate your shelves. With the smiling faces of loved ones capturing precious memories, you’ll envelop yourself in a feeling of warmth.

8. Small mirrors

When you incorporate mirrors into your interior design, you open up your space, making it look larger than in reality. To play with the illusion of depth in your cube shelving units, you can position delicate mirrors throughout the layout. It’s a great way to open up new dimensions in your cube space.

Cube shelf styling tips

If you pair the above cube shelf decor ideas with the following design tips, you can truly elevate your design.

Blend shapes and sizes

Combining shapes and sizes is a great way to cut down on clutter and create a visually appealing shelf display. This way, you can make the most of a small cube space. Plus, when you incorporate shape variety, you create a dynamic visual experience filled with rich complexities.

Display books vertically and horizontally

If you have several cube shelves to fill with different design elements and decorations, you can dabble with different positions for your books. Try spreading out your collection and resting some books horizontally and others vertically, alternating throughout your cubes. Or you can display both styles in the same shelving unit, sandwiching the standing books between a shelf wall and a stack of horizontal literature. You’ll fill your shelves with a fluidity of movement.

Fill the depth of the cubes

Since a cube has depth, you can experiment with where you place your items in it. Keeping them all in a row might not be as visually captivating as scattering the decor throughout the depth of the cube. Be mindful of the complete area you’re working with, and position your pieces accordingly to elevate your design.

Set a color palette

Experienced interior designers will tell you to consider a space’s color palette, and this is great advice. With cube shelves, you can include different color motifs throughout, though you should find a way to tie them all together. So select a handful of colors to spread throughout the shelves, and be mindful of where you sprinkle that dash of red or orange.

Lighting is a fantastic way to effortlessly fold your color palette into your cube shelf decor ideas. With the Sky Lite Evolve, you can project an entire galaxy of color onto your cube shelf, or outward from it into your whole room. You can display the cosmos in breathtaking, colorful splendor as you illuminate your carefully curated collection. And with the BlissHome app, you can cycle among stunning pastel reds, blues, pinks, and purples from across the room. It’s the most immersive way to transform your space in the blink of an eye.

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Illuminate your cube shelves with BlissLights

When you understand a few basic design principles, you can decorate – and make the most of – your cube shelves. And with the above cube shelf decor ideas, you’ll find yourself dabbling with design delights that can take your shelf to the next level.

A great way to truly take things up a notch is with colorful lighting for your shelves. Browse the BlissLights collection now for lighting that can take your cube shelf decor ideas out of this world.

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