20 Greatest Bachelorette Party Themes for an Unforgettable Night

Article by BlissLights LLCMon, Aug 01, 22
20 Greatest Bachelorette Party Themes for an Unforgettable Night

Throwing a bachelorette party is a great way to celebrate the bride with her closest friends before she begins her married life. It also involves lots of steps: choosing a location, finding bachelorette party decor, researching fun activities, and plenty more. You can make planning a bachelorette party easier if you choose a bachelorette party theme. Read on to discover 20 bachelorette party themes that the soon-to-be bride might love.

What are bachelorette party traditions?

Traditionally, bachelorette parties are weekend-long get-togethers to celebrate the bride-to-be. The bride’s wedding party, closest friends, and sometimes family members may be invited.

Some common bachelorette party activities include fancy dinners, bar hopping or clubbing, spa days, beach vacations, or hiking trips. Whether you and your girls plan a one-day trip to the mountains or a long weekend in the Bahamas, the choice is entirely yours.

Do bachelorette parties need a theme?

No, not every bachelorette party needs a theme. That said, if you’re stuck on how to plan a bachelorette bash for your bestie, choosing a theme can be a great place to start. You can choose from so many unique theme ideas, from a sophisticated soiree to a wild night out on the town. As long as you know the bride will love your theme, the rest of your party planning should be a breeze.

Who picks the bachelorette theme?

Typically, the maid of honor or a few people from the bride’s wedding party choose the theme and plan the bachelorette party. When choosing the bachelorette party theme, it’s important to keep the bride’s wishes in mind. For example, if the bride is a relaxed homebody, she probably won’t want to spend her bachelorette weekend in Vegas.

Once you start planning, make sure you ask the bride how she wants to celebrate. You can leave out the specifics, but you should ask her if she’s envisioning a destination vacation or a casual one-night slumber party.

20 unforgettable bachelorette party themes

From the final sail before the veil to a boho bash, these 20 themed ideas have it all. Read on for some inspiration as you and the bride tribe find the right theme for the bride’s interests.

1. Boho bash

If your bride is the relaxed, free-spirited type, a boho bash may be exactly what she needs before starting her married life. For this theme, you’ll want to plan some outdoor activities such as a yoga class, an outdoor movie theater, or a happy hour picnic.

For an ideal outdoor setup, place a large vintage rug on the grass. Then, add a long wooden table and soft, cushiony pillows for the bride tribe. Then, bring the rustic nature vibe to life with some pampas grass, bright floral arrangements, and warm, soothing lantern lighting.

2. Ethereal garden party

Transform your bachelorette party space into a blooming botanical garden with bright florals and earthy tones. To start, stock up on the bride's favorite flowers. Then, head outside with some glass vases, paint, and ribbons for a DIY bouquet-making experience. Once the sun goes down, create a cozy abode inside with soft blankets and pillows across the floor.

To continue the garden party vibe, lay out some fresh veggies, berries, and a charcuterie board for everyone to enjoy. And don’t forget the mood lighting to set the party scene. The BlissRadia ambient mood light, for example, shines in gentle hues and seamlessly transitions through every color of the rainbow. Use the BlissHome app to change its transitions or color modes – for example, the Greenswald effect can bring a natural hue right into your home.

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3. Disco fever

If your bride loves glitz and glam, jump back into the ‘70s with a disco-themed bachelorette party. For this theme, the more sparkles you use, the better. To start, hang a disco light in the middle of your room that shines to the beat of your music. Then, to fully transport your space back in time, add some metallic balloons and confetti, silver fringe curtains, and mini disco balls. Once everything is set up, dim the lights and watch your ‘70s-themed dance floor come to life.

4. Pamper me pretty

If the bride wants a relaxing weekend filled with brunch, movies, and a DIY spa, “pamper me pretty” is a great themed idea. For this theme, you can create your own spa with just a few essentials such as nail polish, files, scrubs, lotion, and facemasks.

Set up mini spa stations with the essentials, some cozy blankets, and – to go the extra mile for the bride-to-be – back massagers or foot spas. Then, set the scene with some relaxing music, an essential oil diffuser, and mood lighting. Once your decorations are in place, complete your party theme with a delicious brunch arrangement filled with croissants, mimosas, and a fruit tray.

bride and bridesmaids with nail polish

5. Back to the ‘90s

Back to the ‘90s is a great theme for a bride who loves retro fashion or ‘90s music. This theme is all about bright colors, funky patterns, and total bops.

To take your space back in time, decorate it with neon balloons, table settings, sunglasses, and a few disposable cameras. A photo booth for making memories is a big plus too. Then, add a large boombox in the center of the room with all your favorite throwback hits for a truly immersive experience.

6. Back and bougie

After all the chaos of wedding planning, the bride deserves to have a bougie night, whether out on the town or at a friend’s house. To set a bougie scene, you can fill your space with gold, pink, and metallic decorations. Start with pink balloons, metallic streamers, and mirrored disco ball cups. Then, to fully transform your space into an elite club, dim the lights, add a disco ball, and turn up your favorite tunes.

7. Girls’ night in

Rather than a night out on the town, sometimes a bride-to-be needs a relaxing night in. If this sounds like your bride-to-be, a stay-at-home girl’s night is a great theme.

To set up your girls’ night in, grab all the blankets and pillows you can find for a cozy movie night. Set up a popcorn station and lay out an arrangement of candy boxes and soda bottles for a night filled with nostalgic bliss.

8. Final sail before the veil

The final sail before the veil is a great theme for a bride looking to go on a warm, tropical getaway. For this theme, stock up on pool floaties, inflatable palm trees, beach balls, and anchors. Hang some twinkling lights above the pool to set a soft glow once the sun sets. Then, deck out your crew with sailors’ hats and navy sunglasses to fully immerse yourself into the life at sea theme.

9. Breakfast at Tiffany's

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is the perfect theme for any sophisticated bride who wants to celebrate her final unmarried weekends in a classy, chill way. For this Audrey Hepburn-approved theme, stock up on pearls, silver sparkles, and all things Tiffany Blue. Decorate your living and dining room with blue place settings and balloons, and don’t forget the classic Tiffany boxes with white ribbon. Then, ask your guests to show up in their favorite little black dresses and bug-eyed sunglasses to bring this theme to life.

10. Last splash mermaid bash

Take your party under the sea with this mermaid-inspired bachelorette theme. For this last splash, you’ll want to use plenty of sparkles and soft pastel blues, purples, and whites to build a realistic ocean-like aesthetic.

To start, fill your space with light purple and blue balloons. After that, add metallic streamers along the wall to give the illusion of waves crashing on the shore. Then, place some seashells around the room and hang some twinkling lights to set the scene for your underwater extravaganza.

11. Boots and bling

Transcend the classic western party for a night of glam. This boots-and-bling theme combines Western wear with a sparkly celestial twist – think cowgirl takes on glam. With this theme, the more sparkles you use, the better.

You can blow up silver and pink balloons to place around the party space. Then, hang metallic streamers along the wall for the perfect photo opportunity. Provide each guest with a glittery cowgirl hat and fringe skirt to take your party theme to a whole new level.

12. Pool party

If you're celebrating your friend’s marriage during the summer, a pool party is a simple theme that everyone can enjoy. To set the party scene, all you need is a few floaties, lounge chairs, and a drink hut. Then, to make your pool party theme more immersive, add a few games for guests to play, such as cornhole or card games. Once your guests arrive, they’ll be immediately transported to a gorgeous vacation destination.

13. Hoedown throwdown

A country-themed party is the perfect excuse to bring out your red cowgirl boots and show off your line dancing skills. This theme is all about combining rustic vibes with country chic – think fringe jackets, cowgirl hats, and printed bandanas.

To create the wild west theme, all you need is a few gingham table cloths, glass jars, and a wanted sign for your bride. If you really want to lean into the full country aesthetic, try adding a few hay bales. After all, you can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl.

14. Barbie girls

A Barbie-themed bachelorette is perfect for a girly-girl bride who’s craving a bit of nostalgia before her big day. For this theme, you’ll want your bachelorette party decor to be mostly Barbie’s main color – pink – with pops of silver and white.

First, put up silver streams along one of the walls as a backdrop. Then, add pink and white balloons and confetti to create the Barbie vibe. If you’re feeling a bit extra, place pink heart-shaped sunglasses and a disposable camera on your gal pals’ beds as bachelorette party favors. This way, you can capture these fun memories and save them for a lifetime.

15. Final Fiesta

For the final fiesta theme, you can create the ultimate destination vacation right in your home for your bride-to-be and her gal pals. Transform your home into a 5-star oceanfront resort with a few hammocks, a piñata, and a small blow-up pool. Then, as the sun sets, bring your guests inside to enjoy a taco bar with homemade salsas and fruity beverages.

You can also set your home to mimic a hotel with cozy blankets, facemasks, and soft, silky robes. This way, your bride tribe can embark on a destination vacation without actually going anywhere.

16. Tea time

Instead of opting for an overnight or weekend-long affair, invite your guests over for morning tea and brunch. This theme is great for a bride who’s not into the party scene or is on a wedding time crunch and wants a small celebration.

First, brew up your favorite tea and coffee blends and bake some pastries. Then, set your table with soft table linens or placemats, mugs, and a fresh bouquet of flowers. If you want to make this a full-on themed party, encourage your guests to wear sundresses and floppy hats. With these outfits and decorations, your humble abode will transform into the Genovian castle.

17. Murder mystery dinner party

For the bride who’s an adrenaline junkie thriller-seeker, a murder mystery-themed party may be the ideal party idea For this theme, you’ll need to send out invitations that will include a background story for your guests, character descriptions, and costume suggestions. You should encourage each of your guests to dress as their character.

After that, design your dinner party to match the number of scenes in your play. The more scenes, the more dinner courses you’ll need to prepare. Then, set up your dining table as if you were hosting a formal dinner, complete with table linens, elegant dishware, and candles. Once your guests arrive, dim the lights, start your first course, and let the games begin.

18. The Roaring ‘20s

If the bride-to-be adores American literature or simply loves to throw a wild bash, a Gatsby-inspired ‘20s party is the perfect theme. The Roaring ‘20s is all about glitz and glam – elegant dance parties, sparkly flapper dresses, and lots of bling.

To create your Roaring ‘20s event, you’ll need gold and white balloons, streamers, glitter, and lots of fluffy white feathers. Then, grab some gold champagne flutes and pearls to give to your guests as they arrive to send them into full Daisy Buchanan mode.

19. Bachelorette BBQ

If you’re looking for a one-day summer bachelorette activity, a backyard BBQ is a great go-to. Enjoy the warm summer weather and invite the girls to a relaxing evening filled with food, drinks, and laughs. All you need is a large picnic blanket or picnic bench, a grill, and your classic BBQ dishes and drinks. From baked beans and potato salad to BBQ chicken and sweet tea, your guests will leave girls’ night with full bellies and hearts.

bachelorette bbq party

20. Glamping girls

If you’re looking to take your bride on a weekend getaway, a relaxing nature-filled glamping trip might be just what she needs. For a stress-free weekend, book your stay at a cabin in the woods or mountains, or host your own glamping party at your home. For a cozy glamping setup, all you need is some fuzzy blankets, pillows, and matching flannel pajamas for the bride tribe to wear.

To build the full glamping experience at home, set up a tent or two and add a s'mores station in the kitchen. And don’t forget, you can’t have a true glamping experience without the night sky. With the Sky Lite Evolve, you can camp under the stars without bug bites or chilly nights outdoors. With just a tap on your phone screen, you can experience colorful floating nebula clouds and stunning laser stars. Use the BlissHome app to change the nebulas’ colors and speed and set your own custom scenes to bring the perfect night sky home.

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Throw the ultimate bachelorette bash with BlissLights

Every bachelorette party theme is better with lighting that can elevate the occasion. Ambient mood lights and laser projectors are two great examples, and BlissLights offers both. Browse the BlissLights collection now to transform your bride’s party into a pre-wedding experience she’ll never forget.

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