16 Must-Have Gifts for Influencers That They Will Love

Article by BlissLights LLCFri, Aug 05, 22
16 Must-Have Gifts for Influencers That They Will Love

On social media, anyone can be an influencer with the right equipment. That talented friend of yours who’s constantly filming TikToks and posting on Instagram can go even further if they have the latest tech and accessories. If you’re looking for great gifts for influencers, start with these gift ideas to give the influencer in your life a major upgrade.

What to get someone who loves social media

Your loved ones who spend all their time on social media will probably be grateful for anything that can enhance their content. That means the ultimate influencer gift can include phone attachments and equipment, camera accessories, productivity items, editing components, and lighting accessories. It can also include anything else related to social media content – with gifts for influencers, the sky’s the limit.

16 must-have gifts for influencers

If the aspiring influencer in your life wants to take their Instagram game to the next level, you can help with a great gift. Use the below gift guide to help the Instagram influencer in your life create content that transcends the platform.

1. Phone tripod and remote control

Every social media influencer needs a sturdy phone tripod and remote control to help them capture the perfect Instagram photo. With a tripod, influencers can easily position their phone in just the right spot without awkwardly propping it up against something else. A remote control is an added bonus that allows the user to take a photo or start recording while standing feet away from their phone. No more rushing to beat the timer – only getting in the zone.

2. Selfie-friendly phone case

Influencers have to be prepared to take the perfect selfie at any minute. One of the best gifts to help them with this is a phone case that makes taking selfies a breeze. A selfie-friendly phone case can include built-in LED lights to add dimension and clarity to all their selfies. Many of these cases are rechargeable, affordable, and durable.

You can also choose a case that allows the influencer in your life to adjust the brightness and even add a strobe light effect. It’s a fun and easy way to capture that picture-perfect moment for good.

3. External cell phone lenses

Not every influencer has or even wants an expensive professional camera. In fact, many content creators prefer the ease and simplicity of using their phone. However, it’s no secret that some phones don’t have the highest-quality camera lenses. With external cell phone lenses, influencers can instantly upgrade their photo-taking abilities. External lenses can do wonders for up-close detail, zooming in and out, focusing, and creating an unforgettable scene.

external phone lens

4. High-quality camera

Where some influencers can perfect their content creation with just their phone, others swear by high-quality cameras. After all, influencers do so much more than just take photos. It can be important for them to have a camera that’s also great for vlogging.

If the influencer in your life agrees, then a high-quality camera can be the perfect gift idea. Try looking for a camera that can transfer high-quality content via WiFi. This way, your influencer can post their next shot in just a few taps on a screen.

digital camera

5. Fashionable and functional camera bag

Influencers, especially vloggers, are often on the go. That means they need to pack up their equipment and transport it from place to place. And that’s why a functional camera bag can be a great gift for influencers on the move.

A functional camera bag should come with space to pack the camera, lenses, memory cards, and any other important accessories. With a fashionable camera bag, influencers can travel in style while ensuring their camera, accessories, and equipment stay safe.

camera bag

6. Camera tripod

Unless your video-loving friend has their own camera crew, they probably don’t have anyone to hold the camera still. That’s where a camera tripod (different in size than a phone tripod) comes in handy. The influencer just has to set it up, dock the camera, press record, and do their thing. Many are adjustable, lightweight, and compact, making them perfect for bringing a moment to life whenever, wherever.

adjustable camera tripod

7. Portable charger

Being an influencer can be a full-time job that involves spending the entire day on a phone. That’s why a portable charger can be such a great gift for influencers. The influencer in your life can just throw it in their bag and pull it out in a pinch if their battery gets low. It’s how they can always capture the sights and sounds exactly how they see and hear them.

portable charger

8. Mini microphone

Mini microphones have taken TikTok by stomp and helped influencers grow their online social media presence. TikTokkers use them in their videos to improve sound quality and add an aesthetically amusing touch that their followers often find humorous. Gifting your friend a mini mic will show you were thinking of them and enhance their content all at once.

9. Weekly planner

The life of an influencer can be hectic, and a planner can assist them in staying organized and on top of all their commitments. Weekly planners with time slots can help content creators visualize their schedule to ensure they don’t miss an important meeting or event. Planners are also helpful in avoiding over-booking or double booking. Some even come with space to jot down creative ideas that could blossom into your influencer friend’s next viral video.

weekly planner

10. Content calendar

Influencers put a ton of thought and planning into each and every social media post. Factors such as time of day, day of the week, theme, topic, and so much more come into consideration. That’s why giving your friend a content calendar can make all the difference for easy posting. Content calendars can help them to plan their content in advance, saving them from making any last-minute decisions or rushing to post. Instead, they’ll create content in bliss.

content calendar

11. Editing subscriptions

When an influencer isn’t creating their content, they’re most likely editing it. Almost all influencers use editing software whether they’re enhancing an image or creating a vlog that flows seamlessly. And while there are free editing software platforms, nothing beats the extensive abilities offered through an editing subscription. These subscriptions can help an influencer truly bring their vision to life.

video editing software

12. Green screen backdrop

Special effects and enthralling locations are no longer just for Hollywood. With their own personal green screen backdrop, influencers can transport themselves directly to scenic destinations all without leaving their home. They can also add all kinds of effects in editing, and that can be super fun for a creative mind. Green screens open up a whole new world of editing possibilities.

green screen backdrop

13. Wall-mounted mirror

If your friend is a fashion influencer, a wall-mounted mirror may be the perfect gift idea. After all, for a fashion influencer, clothes, makeup, shoes, and hair are often the most important part of the post. It only makes sense for the influencer to show off all these items at once. A wall-mounted mirror is a chic way to incorporate this all into one image that astonishes the influencer’s audience – and keeps them coming back.

wall-mounted mirror

14. LED lighting

The right video lighting can be a game changer for content creators. Even with the perfect setup, outfit, and captions, poor lighting can lead to dark, grainy content that might not be as engaging. Classic content creator lights such as an LED ring light can bring a flattering glow to any user whether they’re shooting at home or on the go.

blissglow multicolor led strip lights in living room

15. Ambient mood lights

Camera equipment is only one important part of an influencer’s content. The influencer probably wants to make their environment and background stand out and complement their theme. Ambient mood lights can do that and so much more. With ambient mood lighting, influencers can set the tone for their content while drawing their followers’ attention.

For example, the BlissRadia can shine in any rainbow color and create excellent mood lighting for all your friend’s content needs. Right from the BlissHome app, influencers can choose colorful transitions, timers, and effects to record their videos like ever before. Whether for exciting dance videos or positive self-care talks, the BlissRadia will seamlessly flow from one color to the next. It can spark the creativity needed to create content with a lifetime of impact.

blissradia in ocean blue
blissradia is an led ambient light with app control that shines in multiple colors

BlissRadia Smart LED Mood Light


From desktop to bedside, light the way to concentration, stimulation, or relaxation.

16. Galaxy lighting

Galaxy lighting can completely transform your aspiring influencer’s room into a captivating interstellar scene that’s ideal for dazzling content. Instead of standard yellow or white lighting, your friend can use TikTok lighting that evokes the world far beyond this one.

The Sky Lite Evolve, for example, projects sparkling stars and soothing nebula clouds anywhere in your influencer’s room thanks to its 360-degree design. When paired with Amazon Alexa or Google Home, influencers can speak their personal cosmos into life. With just a few words, their entire surroundings – and every part of their content – will come to life.

bedroom with sky lite evolve in pink and peach
sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

Give the gift of stardom with BlissLights

Being an influencer is all about sharing relatable, interesting, and high-quality content on social media. Whether your social media lover is at the beginning of their influencer journey or is already a pro, the right gifts for influencers can help. With these gifts, you can support their endeavors and help elevate their content. With BlissLights, your social media star can shine in their own entrancing light. Browse the BlissLights collection for a gift that can take your friend above and beyond.

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