Pet Photoshoot Ideas: How To Get the Perfect Shot

Article by BlissLights LLCFri, Oct 14, 22
Pet Photoshoot Ideas: How To Get the Perfect Shot

Admit it – when you open your camera roll, almost all your photos are of your fur baby. Whether your pet is simply sleeping on the couch or jumping for a toy, you want to document everything they do. So why not turn it into a full photoshoot to get the picture-perfect shot for social media, holiday cards, frames, or just for memories? Break out your camera and get ready to awwww with this guide to creative pet photoshoot ideas.

What makes a good pet portrait?

A great pet portrait is all about capturing your furry friend’s personality. Your pet photos should include:

  • Great lighting
  • A comfortable environment for your fluffy sidekick
  • Simple backgrounds
  • The right gear and equipment for a photo session
  • Creativity and patience

How do I get my pet to sit still for pictures?

No matter how well-trained your furry friend is, animals aren’t people – they can’t just understand and follow directions. Although pets have a mind of their own, there are some tricks you can try to keep them in place.

  • Practice asking your pet to “sit” and then waiting a few seconds to reward them with a treat
  • Use the “watch me” command
  • Use a modeling box
  • Play with your pet before the shoot to tire them out
  • Make enticing sounds and noises
  • Remove distractions from the room
  • Embrace imperfection and action shots

14 pet photoshoot ideas

Unlike with a human photoshoot, fancy clothes and make-up aren’t necessary for adorable pet photos. With just some props, treats, and a camera, your furry family member will instantly be ready for their close-up. Check out these pet photography ideas for some imaginative inspiration.

1. The signature pounce pose

Capture your cat’s personality with impressive action shots of them pouncing. Your cat’s pounce poses can show off your feline friend’s curious, playful, determined, or surprised facial expression mid-jump.

Although these types of shots might take some practice and patience, they’re worth it in the end. After all, cats are unpredictable, so you’ll probably wind up with a variety of photos from super charming to laugh-out-loud hilarious. You might just see your furry friend in a whole new light.

kitten running

2. Up-close shot of fuzzy fur

If you’re looking for photoshoot ideas that are abstract and maybe even a little avant-garde, try taking some up-close shots of fuzzy fur. This works well for cat or dog photography, and it only requires a high-resolution camera. Be ready to get close to your pet so you can immerse yourself in the details and textures of their unique fur.

fuzzy fur closeup

3. Pet expressions

Maybe your fur baby has this one facial expression that just melts your heart every time you see it. Capturing that expression can make for an excellent cat or dog photo. And sure, pets are unpredictable, but you can try to bring out that signature expression with their favorite toys, treats, blankets, or cozy beds. Any prop that captivates their minds can lead to an equally captivating picture.

smiling dogs

4. Capture your adventures

If you and your fuzzy best friend love going on exciting adventures, bring along a camera to capture the moment. A selfie stick, tripod, or a family member or friend can help you take pictures of yourself and your pup in epic fashion. Stand together at the top of a mountain after a hike, in front of beautiful waterfalls, or over scenic landscapes. You’ll preserve jaw-dropping memories in photos that can mentally transport you right back to the occasion.

cute dog on a walk

5. Similarities between pets and owners

Just because pets have wet noses doesn’t mean they don’t have similar features to you. For a quirky and witty cat or dog photoshoot, consider taking shots of you and your pet for a side-by-side comparison. Maybe you both make similar facial expressions or have the same colored hair or fur. The best comparison shots can expose you to new dimensions of yourself you didn’t even know were there.

6. Fluffy underbelly photos

Everyone knows how much dogs love belly rubs – and how much owners love their fluff. Although most dog portraits are taken from above or in front of the pup, you can get creative and try photos from a different perspective. Putting your dog on a safe, stable glass platform and taking the photo from underneath the glass can give you a cool “floating pet” shot. You can try this out with cats, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, and fluffy bunnies, too – the sky’s the limit.

7. Get creative with costumes

To take your pet photos one step further, try dressing your furry friends up in fun costumes. This works especially well if you’re taking photos for a holiday such as Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, a birthday, or Valentine's Day.

Of course, not all animals can tolerate costumes, so only do this if your pet is comfortable with dressing up. If so, you can transform a quirky experience into a memory that lasts a lifetime.

dog in reindeer costume

8. Combining pets and nature

Photos of nature are some of the most serene and beautiful shots out there, and adding your fur baby to these shots can elevate them. After all, animals love to be surrounded by nature – it may even elicit special emotions and facial expressions you wouldn’t get indoors. Try something as simple as taking your pup outside to play in a pile of leaves, or go all out on a hike. Surrounded by nature’s divine beauty, you can take your pet photoshoot ideas to the next level.

corgi in pile of leaves

9. Twin with your pup

Twinning with your pup can be as easy as wearing similar colors, and the end results are almost always charming. Dog owners can wear clothes that match their pup’s collar and leash or sit in similar positions to portray an uncanny family resemblance. It’s a great way to preserve a seamless moment in amber.

boy and dog wearing matching hats

10. Catching treats

Treats can come in handy for so much more than just rewarding your pet. Taking photos of your furry friend as they catch treats can make for some incredible shots. Dogs and cats go crazy for their favorite treats, and you can capture their excitement forever. Try it from different angles, too – your pet sitting, jumping, or doing a trick. You might wind up shifting your perspective on what makes for a great photo.

dog catching treats

11. Bath time with pets

Grab a bucket and head outside or fill your bathtub with water and start taking shots of your dog having its own spa day. Capture your dog shaking off its fur, chilling with a towel wrapped on their head, or playing with the water in the tub. You’ll see the human dimensions in your pet like never before.

cat bath

12. Floating bubbles

Bubbles can be fun for you and your pet, and they’re great for photos too. Light bounces off them in a way that can add glistening colors to your pictures. So photograph your cat or dog sitting with the bubbles floating around them, or capture their “bubbly” personality amid drifting rainbow circles. You’ll experience all the magic your best friend has to offer.

dog chasing bubbles

13. Pets and human siblings

Nothing is cuter than a family photo with both your human and fur children. Pictures of your children playing and hugging their fuzzy siblings can be precious images you’ll cherish forever. Animals often show a gentler side around young kids, making for heartwarming photographs that can bring joy into your home.

Pet photoshoot tips to get the perfect pic

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to snap memorable moments of your fur baby. Follow the below tips to become an expert pet photographer for your furry friend.

  • Highlight your pet's best features. Every pet has unique features you’ll want to capture. This could be their ears, tongue, paws, tail, or just their fur. Highlighting these features can take your pictures above and beyond the usual.
  • Lean into colors. Using bold colors in your images can help bring out the gorgeous colors of your pet’s fur. Try posing your dogs in the green grass or in front of blue water for an especially beautiful image. Then, use the BlissRadia to add vibrant mood lighting to the photo shoot. Right from an app on your phone, you can customize the BlissRadia to shine in rainbow colors and bring your pet’s personality to life.
blissradia is an led ambient light with app control that shines in multiple colors

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  • Try to get different expressions. While you might go into the photoshoot with a specific idea, you’ll probably come out with a variety of images. Try to capture it all so you can truly see your pet in a whole new light.
  • Proper lighting is a must. Without proper lighting, you can be left with images full of shadows, uneven lighting, and washed-out colors. Studio lighting is favored among dog photographers, as is using natural light during golden hour outside. You’ll envelop your pet photoshoot ideas in cozy layers of warmth.
  • Never use flash. The flash from a camera can be distracting and anxiety-provoking for pets. To keep your pets comfortable, avoid using flash in favor of proper lighting equipment and photo editing in post-production. This can give you more control to build your own little world for your pet photoshoot ideas.
  • Time your session carefully. Timing your sessions can make all the difference in getting your pet to cooperate. Planning your photo shoot for a time of the day when your pet is usually relaxed and calm can help you get that dream shot.
  • Be patient. Animals are spontaneous and unpredictable, so patience will go a long way when trying to take your pet’s portrait. If something doesn’t go right the first time, just take some deep breaths and try again. Persistence can take you exactly where you want to be with your pet.
  • Use continuous focus tracking. Cats and dogs might have some trouble staying still. Because they’re always on the move, a camera with continuous focus tracking is important. This way, you can keep up with your pet and capture them in an unforgettable moment.
  • Use simple backgrounds. With simple backgrounds, you can avoid unflattering photos and visual distractions. If you’re looking for something simple that has some color, replace your background with the Sky Lite Evolve to shine calming clouds and shimmering stars. You’ll place your pet right in the middle of a magical dreamscape.
dog with galaxy lights
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Capture that picture purrfect moment with BlissLights

The connection you have with your pets is strong and unbreakable. Capturing it in an image can bring you joy and memories for a lifetime. With some preparation, planning, thought, proper equipment, and patience, you can snap high-quality photos of your pet and the bond you share.

BlissLights can help you capture these moments with entrancing colors, stars, and mood lighting to transform your photoshoot into the ultimate pet paradise. Browse the BlissLights collection to find lighting that can take your pet photoshoot ideas out of this world.

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