14 Selfie Wall Ideas for the Perfect Post

Article by BlissLights LLCFri, Aug 12, 22
14 Selfie Wall Ideas for the Perfect Post

From fun party opportunities to perfect film backdrops, a selfie wall can be a great way to stand out online. Setting up your own selfie wall can be super simple too. You can ditch the big budget and expensive supplies and make it a DIY affair fit for even novice interior decorators. All you’ll need is your imagination and this list of selfie wall ideas to get you started.

What is a selfie wall?

A selfie wall is a wall space bursting with color and endless possibilities. You can decorate it to make it aesthetically pleasing so that people take selfies in front of it. These DIY backdrops can encourage someone who’s camera-shy to get out there and strike a pose.

A selfie wall can be great for parties, impromptu dorm room photoshoots with friends, or as a supplement to a photo booth at a wedding. With props, the right location, and good lighting, you can capture the moment and make memories that last a lifetime.

What makes a good selfie wall?

With the below tips and tricks, your selfie wall can be picture-perfect.

  • Brightness. For any photo op, the right lighting is a must. So before decorating your wall space, ensure it gets good natural light or set up ambient mood lighting for stunning selfies.
  • Location. If you’re hosting a party or creating a permanent selfie wall, pick the best spot with great natural or artificial lighting. You should choose an area where guests or partygoers are sure to notice the selfie wall, such as next to the refreshments at a celebration.
  • Themes. Whether you’re using the wall at a party or in your living space, come up with a theme that honors the occasion. Your theme should also match your other decorations. For example, for a wedding, you can incorporate wedding colors or a simple theme of celebration. A well-done theme has the power to transcend the limits of your space, leaving the party behind and taking guests into another world.
  • Props. At most parties, the photo booth has a few props on hand. If you include props or accessories with your selfie wall, that can inspire people to play around as they pose. Props can inspire goofy faces and group poses, and the perfect accessory can elevate the wall’s theme.

14 selfie wall ideas to strike a pose in front of

To debut your exciting selfie wall and transport viewers to a world of your imagination, check out some captivating ideas below. You’ll find easy DIY backdrops that you can take down or leave up forever.

1. Synthetic vines

There’s a reason why green, vibrant vines are popular in Instagrammable cafes and trendy bedrooms. They’re effortlessly whimsical and easy to set up, so you can save time decorating. You’ll need several strands of vines and some push pins to strategically place the vines in the right position. Against a bevy of ivy, people can snap pics and feel like they’re in an enchanted, overgrown forest.

2. Colored lights

For a subtle glow that illuminates your selfie wall, try LED lights such as the BlissRadia, which glows with subtle yet breathtaking ambient mood lighting. You can shine this compact orb in one color or set vibrant moving gradients. These color transitions are sure to delight and transport people to other dimensions, capturing the moment to remember forever. Plus, with the BlissRadia’s phone and voice control, you can instantly take your selfie wall to the next level.

blissradia smart ambient light in grassland green
blissradia is an led ambient light with app control that shines in multiple colors

BlissRadia Smart LED Mood Light


From desktop to bedside, light the way to concentration, stimulation, or relaxation.

3. Fairy lights and tulle

Fairy lights and elegant tulle can help you create a picture-perfect selfie wall. Light strips hanging vertically from the top to the bottom of the ceiling covered in tulle can give off a magical glow. You can use this idea at a wedding reception as guests dance the night away under the stars. Or you can use it at home to bring a stunning setting to life in your bedroom where friends can snap selfies and instant-film pics.

4. Polka dots

If you want to stay extra simple, try polka dots for a lively wall pattern that can add a dash of charm to any occasion. To build this selfie wall, use paint or construction paper that you cut out into circles. You can map out perfect, uniform circles with the base or rim of a cup. Once your polka dots are ready to go, your guests can take their silly selfie poses above and beyond.

5. Anything that glitters

If you’re looking for a sprinkle of glitz and glam on your selfie wall, go for anything with glitter and amplify with some statement lights. This idea can be as simple as covering the wall with sparkly wrapping paper – try red or gold for a holiday party. There are infinite possibilities with glitter, so get crafty and create glitter spirals on plain wallpaper or glitter fireworks bursting in the backdrop.

6. Paper fringe

Most party stores sell paper fringe on a string for an easy selfie wall display. Decide where you’ll create your selfie wall and then line rows of the paper fringe horizontally for an enticing effect. You can do this for birthday parties, themed parties, or any other occasion to inspire people to get creative and capture memories.

7. Patterned fabric

You can do a lot with scraps of fabric or swatches of funky prints. One option is to tear the fabric into strips and make your own paper-fringe-inspired decoration. You can patch together different pieces of fabric in the style of a quilt to create wallpaper. The interesting patterns, textures, and colors can immerse everyone in a cozy experience.

8. Streamers

We’ve all attended birthday parties with colorful crepe paper streamers hanging in the entryway. They’re a classic symbol of celebration and joy, which are both fantastic themes for a selfie wall.

Line your backdrop with streamers in the perfect color, or gradually transition them from light to dark in the color of your choice. This is an eye-catching design technique that can make your selfie wall an undeniable destination.

9. Neon signs

For a more permanent selfie wall, invest in a few neon signs. The signs can flash or stay steadily aglow as people gather around to take pictures with your effervescent lighting.

For neon signs, ask yourself whether you want words or images to take center stage. For a wedding, you might want to display words like “Love” or “Forever.” For your bedroom, you might be more interested in outlines of glowing clouds and hearts, with colored accent lighting. With neon images, you can transport people into a fantasy land of color and playful shapes.

10. Paper mosaic tiles

A mosaic is perfect for playing with color and creating a wall that’ll draw everyone’s attention. You can cut out small squares of construction paper using a square piece of cardboard as your stencil. You can then attach these small squares to the wall using double-sided tape. You can also attempt the more traditional tile or glass approach and create an image out of all these tiny pieces. This is a more advanced approach for those who want to go the extra mile.

11. All white with splattered paint

For a Jackson Pollock-esque approach to a selfie wall, you can use the painter’s signature splatter paint technique. To test the idea, line your wall and floor with white paper and use a large brush to splash paint across the canvas. Then, if you want to make the installation a permanent feature, take to a freshly painted (and dried) white wall with your avant-garde designs. This can create an immersive experience filled with art and creativity so everyone can transcend the everyday and enter a world of whimsy.

12. Balloons

If you’re hosting a party and you want a festive theme for your selfie wall, look no further than balloons. After all, balloons are an ode to celebration universally recognized around the world.

For this selfie wall idea, get a variety pack of colorful balloons, blow them up, and tack the balloon tails to the wall. It’s a simple but cute way to encourage photos at a party or event. You’ll have people feeling light as a feather as they let their inner child explore new heights.

13. Full flower wall

A wall bursting with vibrant flora is a great way to capture someone's attention and encourage them to wander over, phone in hand. So grab different flowers and tack them onto the wall to completely engulf your blank canvas in beautiful colors, shapes, and textures. Try to eliminate as much white space as possible – that’s how you create an immersive floral fantasy.

14. Galaxy wall

To transport everyone to the cosmos with the press of a button or voice control, try the Sky Lite Evolve for your selfie wall. This galaxy projector rotates 360 degrees so you can shine the magic of the universe in every direction. You can choose from nebula cloud colors such as red, orange, blue, purple, pink, teal, and white to set the mood for any photo op.

The Sky Lite Evolve is also a great way to rapidly create a permanent yet shape-shifting selfie wall. Just rotate the Evolve and control it from your phone or via voice control to bring new dimensions to your wall. The stunning interstellar lighting can inspire an out-of-this-world selfie experience.

sky lite evolve effect
sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

Create picture-perfect lighting with BlissLights

The perfect selfie wall can be a captivating space for everyone to take pictures perfect for social media. You can build an immersive selfie wall experience with a cohesive theme, captivating colors, and the right lighting. BlissLights can help on all these fronts. Browse the BlissLights collection now to build a selfie wall with just the push of a button. You’ll take people on a journey far away without anyone leaving the room.

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