9 DIY Wardrobe Closet Ideas to Build The Ultimate Closet

Article by BlissLights LLCWed, Jul 27, 22
9 DIY Wardrobe Closet Ideas to Build The Ultimate Closet

It’s one thing to have a closet in your bedroom. It’s another thing entirely to have a large or well-organized closet. If your closet space is currently a mess of clothes and accessories, these DIY wardrobe closet ideas can transform your chaos into control.

How do I build a simple wardrobe?

To build a simple wardrobe, you can buy a closet system from a well-known brand. You can then install it yourself, without any professional help, to transform your one-shelf closet into a well-organized wardrobe. If you’re the crafty type, you can build and install your own shelves for a touch of you the moment you open your closet door.

9 DIY wardrobe closet ideas

Whether you’d rather craft your own wardrobe or assemble it from parts, below are 15 DIY wardrobe closet ideas to add new dimensions to your closet space.

1. Kid-friendly closet

If you’re a parent, then you probably know that the closet in your kids’ room is especially prone to disorganization. You can redesign the kids’ closet space to get everything in order. Remove the closet’s current shelves and rods, then replace them with neatly arranged floating shelves, bins, and smaller rods. Teach your kids which items go in which places, then check the closet every few days and reward them for their great organizing skills. You’ll shape your kids’ closet and your kids’ minds.

2. Closet reading nook

Converting your closet to a cozy nook can be great for kids or adults – it just depends on your closet size. A big closet can fit an adult-sized nook, whereas a small closet will suit kids. Either way, just take out all the shelving, install a sturdy seat with comfy cushioning, and add some task lighting for easy reading.

The BlissRadia is a great choice for lighting your closet reading nook. You can set it to shine in a bright white color that lifts all the words off each and every page. Or you can use its nine gradient effects to enjoy reading in a universe of constantly changing colors. Plus, you can use your phone or voice control to change the settings so you never have to leave your cozy nook. Sit back, relax, and let the sights, lights, and stories take you away.

blissradia smart mood light in warm yellow
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3. Kids’ play closet

If there are spare closets outside the master bedroom, you can turn them into playrooms for your kids if you’re a parent. Entirely clear out the closet, then install some wood shelves all the way across the closet’s width. Store your kids’ toys and games on these shelves, then set up a little play table and chairs on the floor. Every time your kids open the closet door, they’ll be transported to a magical world where they can enjoy all their favorite activities.

4. DIY wooden wardrobe

With some pre-cut wood slats and the right tools in hand, you can assemble a wardrobe for yourself. For some guidance, find a set of DIY wooden wardrobe instructions and get to work. You can display the end result as a decoration outside your closet. Alternatively, you can set it up inside your closet to take your storage space in new directions.

5. Closet meets dressing room

Even a small closet can be a dressing room with this DIY project. You’ll just need some wood boards, aluminum rods, and basic tools to build shelves and install a mirror in your closet. This way, you can organize and access your clothes and see how you look all in the same place. You’ll transform your tiny space into the walk-in closet you’ve always deserved.

6. Piping and open shelves

Not every wardrobe has to include side, top, and bottom shelving. Instead, you can keep your closet organized yet open with piping and open shelves. You’ll need pre-cut pipes and shelves you can drill into your walls – and not much more. It’ll take some work, but after that, you’ll open your closet door to shelving that’s equally abundant and spacious.

7. Custom shelving and drawers

The average closet might include a shelf or two and an aluminum rod for hanging clothes. But what if you want to stash your shoes, jewelry, and other accessories there too? Creating custom shelving and drawers for your closet can solve this problem. You can sketch out your closet beforehand to include designated spaces for these items and a laundry bin. It’s entirely in your hands to open your closet up to a new world of possibilities.

8. DIY large closet

A large closet in your master bedroom is great, but it’s a bit less great if there are no built-in shelves. How can you store and organize all your clothes and accessories there without shelving? Creating your own large closet shelving system can solve this problem. You can buy a system or use wood and pipes to assemble your own – either way, how you arrange things is up to you. It’s a simple way to bring out some new sides to your closet.

9. Wood box and cube organizer closet

Buying some wood boxes and cube organizers can be the start of a great DIY wardrobe closet idea. Look at your boxes and organizers, then look at your barren closet. How can you arrange the boxes and organizers and securely drill them into your walls to make the most of the space? Virtually no arrangement is off-limits – you have full power to bring your dream closet home.

9 extra items to add to your DIY closet

Each of the above DIY wardrobe closet ideas will require some basics. They’ll all be better with some special extras as well. Below is a short list of both, though this list certainly isn’t exhaustive. When it comes to building and decorating your DIY wardrobe, the sky’s the limit.

  1. Extra storage bins. You’re probably used to storing your clothes on your shelves, but maybe your piles of clothes are starting to fall into each other. Add some bins to keep everything all neat and organized.
  2. A rolling cart. Adding a rolling cart to your DIY wardrobe closet can give you ample space for your accessories – belts, earrings, necklaces, you name it. Store your cart in the corner for an eye-catching, functional touch that opens up a world of possibility.
  3. A full-length mirror. Even if you’re 100% confident in your outfit, it helps to take a look in the mirror. Doing that right where you get your clothes can add new layers to your closet space.
  4. A laundry basket. The clothes you need to clean will have to go somewhere rather than lying chaotically across your closet floor. A cute laundry bin or basket can add character to your closet and make your trip to the laundry room all the easier.
  5. Fairy lights. For a closet that’s not just storage but a sight, add fairy lights around the doorframe. Turn the lights on, then open your closet for a magical portal into your own little world.
  6. Fake plants. Closets are too dark for most real plants, but fake plants can help you feel more at ease as you put together your outfits. A pop of green next to your clothes can be just the inspiration you need for a comforting look of your own.
  7. Hangers. Hanging your clothes can be part of how you decorate your closet. That means both how you arrange your clothes – maybe by color group – and the hangers themselves. Try a descending pattern of hanger colors to bring the rainbow home.
  8. A stepstool. The highest parts of a closet are pretty tall, but that shouldn’t stop you from using them. A stepstool can help you scale new heights and bring meaning to your closet’s every nook and cranny.
  9. Unique lighting. With unique lights such as galaxy projectors, you can see your clothes – and the outfits you make from them – in a whole new light. For example, you can rotate the Sky Lite Evolve to reach every corner of your closet and shine in seven nebula-cloud colors. Use mobile app or voice control to instantly transform your surroundings – right as you transform yourself in the mirror.

bedroom with sky lite evolve in blue and pink

sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

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Add BlissLights to your DIY wardrobe closet ideas

A great DIY wardrobe closet idea balances functionality with decorations and features that reimagine your closet as its own world. With ambient mood lights and galaxy projectors from BlissLights, you can take your closet to that level. Browse the BlissLights collection now to immerse your closet in colors and sights that can make even a tiny space seem vast.

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