How to Decorate a Party Tent Made Simple

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How to Decorate a Party Tent Made Simple

Whether you’re hosting a graduation party, birthday party, wedding, or another kind of event, a party tent can come in handy. Under a party tent, dozens of guests can mingle and enjoy outdoor events while staying comfy under a sturdy roof. Read on to discover how to decorate a party tent for your next get-together.

What size party tent do I need?

Typically, party tent sizes range from 10’ x 10’ to 40’ x 80’. For roughly a dozen guests, a 10’ x 10’ tent should do the trick. With several dozen guests, you might need a 15’ x 30’ tent. A 20’ x 40’ tent is best if your guest list is close to 100 people. Going up to 30’ x 45’ is ideal if you’re well over 150 people. Once you reach 200 or more people, it’s time for a 40’ x 40’ tent.

You should consider some other tent factors besides your guest list to find the perfect size for your outdoor party. Your tent size also depends on the seating arrangement and whether you have a dance floor, stage, accessory tables, or a buffet. The larger the guest list and the more accessories you add, the more space you’ll need under your tent.

party tent with table arrangements

How to decorate a party tent

You don’t have to let your party tent’s frame limit your vision. You can transform your ordinary white outdoor tent into a gorgeous, colorful sanctuary with the below party tent decor tips.

Choose a theme

Before you start buying miscellaneous place settings and florals to decorate the party tent, you should come up with a party theme. Your theme can be anything from colors and textures to a style you like, or it can be both – bohemian garden, red carpet royal. Choose whichever sights will elevate your ordinary event to a full-fledged evening no one will ever forget.

Match the decor with the theme

Choose a few colors and textures you want to use as the primary focus of your party. This can be anything from a neutral, soft aesthetic to metallic textures that are bound to get the party started. Then, you can add the details that make your party truly unique.

Lighting is a big part of getting your theme where it needs to go. Instead of opting for lots of string lights in various rainbow colors, you can shine all your theme’s colors from one compact light. The BlissRadia is a small orb that diffuses gentle, colorful lighting that seamlessly transitions from one color to the next. You can cycle through all your theme’s colors right from your phone or via voice control to seamlessly infuse your party with wondrous ambiance.

blissradia smart ambient mood light
blissradia is an led ambient light with app control that shines in multiple colors

BlissRadia Smart LED Mood Light


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Map out where you want things to go

Your tent can easily become cramped once you add tables, a dance floor, and a stage. That’s why you should map everything out before you begin placing decor throughout your party tent. Start with your main stations, such as cocktail and dinner tables, the buffet, and the stage. Then, once you have those in place, you can add the smaller details, such as a photo area or gift table, to complete your space.

Don't overcrowd the tent

Drawing out your party on a map is one thing – laying it out in real life is another. If your tables are becoming too cramped or the dance floor is running into the buffet, you might need to adjust your plan. When you feel like you can comfortably move, dance, and sit around the tent, only then can you start working on the decorations. You need the basics in place before you can start elevating the party tent experience above and beyond your tent sidewalls.

Hide less attractive areas

At first glance, your tent may look a bit unattractive with its poles, sidewalls, and frame jutting out. Instead of focusing on all that, think of your empty tent as a blank canvas that needs some color and life.

With a bit of lighting, color, and decor, you can transform your blank canvas’ least enticing parts into a bright, beautiful masterpiece. Twirl some twinkling lights around the tent poles and dangle some bright florals and greenery along your sidewalls. You’ll see your party tent in a whole new light.

Decorate the exterior

The interior of your tent isn’t the only thing you need to decorate – you should focus on the exterior too. If you have leftover string lights and fabric, twirl the lights around tall trees nearby and use the fabric as a walkway. To go the extra mile, create unique signage outside for a picture-perfect backdrop.

Make a grand entryway

Whether for a wedding or birthday party, you’ll want to create a grand entryway for your guests’ arrival. First, tie up a section of the party tent so that it’s easy for guests to enter and exit. Then, spruce up your entryway with fancy lights, hanging florals, and bold embellishments. A dash of color and eye-catching accessories can bring your guests into a whole new world.

Add tent lighting

The lighting in your tent can make or break your party experience. Instead of opting for big, clunky bulbs or overhead fixtures, you can recreate the night sky inside your tent with the Sky Lite Evolve. You’ll dance underneath this galaxy projector’s colorful floating nebulas and striking laser stars that move exactly to your pace. With just a few taps on your phone screen, you can adjust your galaxy’s brightness, colors, and effects to set exactly the right mood.

blisslights evolve galaxy effect in teal and blue

sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


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What can I use as flooring in a tent?

There are a few different flooring options you can use for your tent. Choose one of the below, or mix and match a few.

  • Wood. If you’re ready to break out your best dance moves at your party, wood flooring is a great option. The sturdy, hard floor can make it easier to sway to the music, jump around to the beat, and immerse yourself in party mode.
  • Tile. For flooring that’s bound to stand out, add tiling to your space. Choose between fun prints and bold textures to set the right party scene.
  • Carpet. If you’re hosting a wedding reception, add some carpet underneath the tent as an entryway for the married couple and their wedding party. Choose a bold red carpet to evoke the celebrity status the wedding deserves.
  • Artificial grass. For a boho or tropical-themed party, decorate your flooring with artificial grass. This thick flooring with added string lights and decor can transport all your guests to an island paradise.

How do you decorate a tent ceiling?

When you’re accessorizing a party tent, the ceiling plays an important role. You can accentuate the high peaks of your tent with the below decor ideas.

  • String lighting. Since your event is outside, chances are you’ll have plenty of natural light coming in throughout the day. Then, as night falls, you can create a romantic aesthetic with string lights draped across the top of the event tent.
  • Hanging flowers or vines. Spruce up your venue with a bit of greenery around your tent sidewalls and peaks. Choose between artificial vines for a classy vibe, or opt for bright florals that’ll bring nature right to your party.
  • Lantern lights. Create a rustic, romantic ambiance with hanging lanterns dangling from the ceiling. Swoop them at different lengths to fully transform your space into an unforgettable night right out of Tangled.
  • Fabric draping. One of the best ways to cover your tent poles and create gorgeous party scenery is to drape lightweight silk from the ceiling. This simple technique can make your space feel more inviting, all while adding unique flair.
  • Custom or colorful lighting. Instead of opting for the classic white bulbs everyone uses for each holiday and event, make a bold statement at your party with colorful lighting. Draw people in with a deep alluring red, or move among every color in the rainbow with BlissLights' customizable party tent lighting.

Light up your party tent with BlissLights

No matter how you decorate your tent, you’ll need lights to elevate the occasion. Galaxy projectors and ambient lights are two great ways to brighten your space, and you can find both via BlissLights. Browse the BlissLights collection now to create the party of your dreams.

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