13 Fun Double Date Ideas to Mix Things Up

Article by BlissLights LLCMon, Oct 10, 22
13 Fun Double Date Ideas to Mix Things Up

Planning dates with your partner can keep the relationship fresh, and you can take the excitement up a notch with a double date. Find your favorite couple friends and brainstorm ideas everyone will enjoy, such as rock climbing, ice skating, or scavenger hunts. Or just use this list of fun double date ideas that run the gamut from low-key nights to unexpected adventures. When you explore possibilities that redefine the definition of date nights, you open up your world to endless experiences.

How do you make a double date fun?

A great double date doesn’t have to be over the top when you already have good people and an enjoyable activity everyone will love. Below, you’ll find just a few tips to consider before you get the gang together.

Plan something everyone will enjoy

A date idea for couples should meet at the intersection of everyone’s interests. If your group loves food and trying new restaurants, then go for something food-related to delight everyone’s inner gourmand. With some thought and research, you’ll create a plan that can elevate the date for everyone.

Give people time to open up

If you hang out with a new friend couple for a double date, give everyone time to warm up to the situation. Some people take more time than others to come out of their shells, and that’s okay. Don’t pressure anyone to be something they’re not – just go with the vibe.

You can also ask questions and allow your time spent together to unfold naturally. When you give people the space to be themselves, you create an environment that’s welcoming and full of possibilities.

Try not to come into it with any expectations

You should also go into a group date with zero expectations. Big expectations can put too much pressure on a situation, which is the last thing you want when spending time with great people. Instead, you can go in with a plan but leave your assumptions behind – take the night or day as it comes. With this attitude, you never know what unexpected magical moments await you.

13 double-date ideas to mix things up

Here are 13 fun double-date ideas for when you want to shake things up and try something new.

1. Plan a game night

Who says that date nights have to take you beyond the sanctuary of your sacred space? You can invite some couple friends over for an epic game night spent right in your living room. With a few board games, some snacks, and a killer playlist, you can enjoy a low-cost and low-key good time – it’s a win-win all around. If everyone loves it, you can gather weekly or monthly to regularly elevate your evenings.

double date game night

2. Host an at-home movie premiere

For a fun double date idea, you can bring all the excitement of a movie theater experience home with popcorn, refreshments, and mood lighting. And there are plenty of home theater lighting ideas to take your cinematic experience out of this world.

For example, with the BlissRadia, you can seamlessly move among soft, effervescent hues. You can use the BlissRadia’s phone or voice control features to instantly set your lighting to new shades that effortlessly match the movie’s vibe. With so many possibilities, you’ll find yourself transported right into the cinematic universe.

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3. Visit your local comedy club

Fun date ideas can take you to new places that you’ve never been before. For example, you can check out a comedy club if you want to venture outside and explore a new experience filled with laughter. At a comedy club, your group can sit back, relax, and share a few laughs. It’s a low-stakes way to immerse yourself in an evening of good company and delightful entertainment.

stand up comedy stage

4. Attend a paint-and-sip event

When you’re looking for a fun evening that leaves you with a souvenir, you can sign up for a paint-and-sip event. At these events, you’ll learn as a group how to paint a unique masterpiece while sharing a bottle of wine. This evening is sure to bring out your inner artist as you transform ordinary colors into your magnum opus.

painting class

5. Check out a group yoga class

If you’re looking for something more active where everyone can move around and release potential stress, try a group yoga class. You can check out your local yoga offerings, or you could even create your own at home yoga studio, and stream an online class right from your living room! Depending on what the group is looking for, you can sign everyone up for a slow flow or a more intense hot yoga session. You’ll bond over the activity and leave feeling refreshed and ready for the rest of the day. That might mean an impromptu brunch to keep the double date going and get lost in the uplifting mood.

group yoga class

6. Hold trivia night

For this fun double date idea, you can host the event from your home or find a local bar’s trivia night. You can go couple against couple or play as a team to combine your collective brain power and take your squad to victory. You’ll spend the evening bonding with friends and expanding the boundaries of your everyday knowledge.

7. Take a cooking class

A classic date night might involve going out to eat, so why not make the food and enjoy it together instead? When you sign up for a cooking class double date, you can learn a new skill together and create memories in the kitchen. You can take a virtual class and enjoy the experience from home or go out and learn in person from a chef. To end the evening, you’ll savor the meal and sink into a wondrous array of flavors.

informal cooking class

8. Throw a video game competition

If you’re looking for unconventional double date ideas for your gamer couple friends, you can host a video game competition. You can set up your tournament to feature everyone's favorite video games, and you can set the mood with astonishing lighting. With the right gaming room lights, you can elevate your video game experience and take the adventure to new heights.

9. Hit up the bowling alley

For a great double date that’ll get everyone out of their seats and enjoying some friendly competition, swing by your local bowling alley. This can be a low-pressure way to unwind with your couple friends. For this idea, the more, the merrier – you can invite a few other couples and add new dimensions to your group date.

two couples at a bowling alley

10. Take your pets to the park

Maybe your mutual interest with some of your couple friends is your collective love of your four-legged friends. If that’s the case, then bring your dogs along for a walk in the park. You’ll get exercise while spending time with your best pals and immersing yourself in the wonder of nature.

couples with dog at a park

11. Go for a hike

You can go for a double-date hike during the day or a romantic sunset stroll overlooking rolling hills. Then, when you want to return home for dinner or drinks, you can bring the night sky indoors with a galaxy projector. With the Sky Lite Evolve, you can project an entire galaxy onto your walls, ceiling, and floors. You can shine the Evolve in pastel reds, blues, pinks, and purples for an experience that transcends the everyday. You’ll drift through the cosmos with your date group and transform your space in the blink of an eye.

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12. Make it through an escape room

If you’re craving a little mystery and intrigue, take your double date to an escape room. This can be a fun way to bond with your couple friends as you navigate clues to make your way out of the puzzle. You’ll collectively conjure inspiration that can take you anywhere.

13. Try a dance class

Dancing can be oh-so-romantic, so invite your couple friends to join you and your partner for a dance class. You’ll have a blast learning some new moves and dancing the night away with your partner. Plus, you can take what you learned for a test drive at a local club to keep your uplifting date going for the long run.

dance class

Transform your double date with BlissLights

A double date is a great way to have fun with your significant other and some of your favorite couple friends. There are endless fun double date ideas you can try for a sensational time that you’ll reminisce on for years to come. And when you have the perfect mood lighting, you can elevate your surroundings and create a magical evening for everyone. Browse the BlissLights collection now to take any date night out of this world.

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